Mobilize & Empower...

Increase your Dealership Sales, Training and Product Knowledge 


Empower your sales representatives by capturing customer data and prospect information into a lead contact information database—our PME (Personal Marketing Experience). Toucan Touch builds a powerful sales presentation by consolidating product information into a simple, comprehensive, and easy-to-use digital format. Product presentations and order taking are seamless within the client education and sales processes. And products can be showcased on a tablet or iPhone via specification sheets, rating charts, and user manuals. Track and share contacts, leads and product-specific materials with the PME.


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Toucan Touch improves communication and relationships between your sales force and sales leaders by allowing entire sales force and sales management teams to remain involved, informed and productive in their sales efforts—wherever located. Messages, notifications, updates, and changes may be segregated and communication can be sent directly to a specific group or region. The dealer tablet app features a comprehensive platform for the sleek and elegant consumer-facing mobile app—Toucan Touch Consumer (coming soon). It’s easy to fortify your sales team's efforts with Toucan Touch. 


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Manage Inventory

Capture images and video from the iPad and load content directly into the app directly from the iPad. You can associate descriptions and specs to your products and organize using tags and keywords for easy reference.

Showcase Products

Product images are displayed in high definition to the edges of your device. And videos provide an engaging experience that can be personalized with voice-over narrative about each product in detail. 

Drive the Sale

In Toucan Touch, all images, videos, and PDFs (such as images, contracts, warranties, and brochures and other related content) can be easily shared via email or printed on the spot. Giving your sales force the edge. 

Simplify communication. Streamline sales.


Dealer Application

Increase your Dealership Sales, Training and Product Knowledge with Toucan Touch.

Toucan Touch is a cutting-edge mobile application suite built to simplify communication and streamline sales efforts.

Stay up to date and on the go with offline access to spec sheets, rating charts, user manuals, photos, warranties, and contracts. Offline? No problem. Store products for offline use and gather lead information. Toucan Touch will automatically update the database and your tablet as soon as a connection is reestablished.

High-definition graphics brings product benefits to life as a client is actively engaged with dealership sales staff. Only one model on the floor? Not an issue for Toucan Touch. Present clients with trim options, photos and videos on the spot. Upselling additional features is now as simple as a swipe or a tap of the finger. Powerful, effective one-on-one presentations and order taking have never been this seamless.


Create and track leads smoothly and effectively within the application with the Personal Marketing Experience (PME) configurator. Drive the sale without worrying about wi-fi. Additionally, Toucan Touch allows users to export lead details for upload to almost any CMS once internet access is restored.

Looking to save your device’s free space? With Toucan Touch, users have the ability to pick and choose which products and corresponding information to store on the device with a “star” feature. Want to save everything? Not an issue—simply select the preference to “store everything” and Toucan Touch will download the full dealership inventory to the device making it always accessible.