At Jester, we continue to win world wide acclaim for the design and functionality of our mobile apps. Jester prides itself on being a master craftsman of the mobile user experience, due to its high-end design, simplified functionality, and attention to detail.

Every aspect of the application is carefully pieced together to create the message our clients are trying to deliver. This is from the captivating superior image quality all the way to the intuitive, cutting edge functionality. While our mobile technologies are complex, our applications are so well designed that anyone can pick them up and immediately begin using our powerful tool.

Our secret is that all the individual pieces work in unison to deliver the appropriate message. Jester understands how it all works together and has mastered bringing those pieces into one cohesive mobile application.



The technology worlds rapid changes in communication devices are constantly resulting in business changes thus determining what is the best way to market your products. In the past, a good website seemed to be enough to meet the needs of a rapidly changing digital market. These days are now behind us. Today marketing must adapt to the sale of 1.2 billion Smartphones and nearly 400 million iPads. It is predicted that these mobile devices will be the tool that continues to dominate consumer communications. Jester’s Mobile Applications for the marine industry are the perfect tool in this constantantly evolving technoloy realm.


Jester’s Communications mobile applications are designed to provide the latest and greatest sales tool for your dealer and sales network. Having all products and models consolidated into a single iPad assures that your dealers and sales profesionals always have the right sales material with them at all times. The ability to display the right model, with the desired options is only a second away. While talking to prospective customers their contact information can collected and product information can be delivered to them while you speak.


Jester’s mobile application instantly adapts to the prospective customer’s interest. A sales person, utilizing the mobile application, can custom construct any model of boat with all desired options and deliver all detail with the touch of a button. Dealers or manufacturers can preprogram discounts or incentive programs to take advantage of time limited offers.



In the past, every time brochures were printed it seemed that fifteen minutes later they are out of date. Today with the Jester‘s Mobile Application sales support system material is never out of date, no matter how often changes are made. The mobile application instantly update upon command from the manufacturer. Mobile Applications are as nimble as your designers in making changes.


One of the most unique attributes to the Jester Sales Support System is that once the application is built you can be in total control of all future changes of the application. Jester believes that you should not be a slave to future fees and has designed a system that permits you to control your application and model changes in the future. If needed, Jester is willing to provide potential future support that caters to the limit of your choosing.


Jester’s Sale Support System has already been delivered to nearly 1,000 marine dealers worldwide. The response has been fast and positive. The biggest question we get from marine dealers is “How can you get all manufacturers on this mobile system?” Jester has a program that is designed to make every boat manufacturer a leading edge marketing company. In 2012 Jester has received three national and international awards for the best use of technology in the marine industry.





CMS (Content Management System):
JCOM has created a proprietary Content Management System that allows content to be easily modified and updated through a standard web browser.

Company information:
Company history, product philosophy, management team, Press releases, etc.

Dealer locator:
Maps show the locations of your dealers.

Events and Boat shows:
Social feeds from Facebook, Twitter, and RSS keep your app interactive.

Dealer resource:
Marketing tools, logos, marketing collaterals, or any other resources you would like to showcase.

Request for information:
End user can elect to receive a brochure or other electronic material, including info regarding future events.

Video gallery with description.

Virtual tour:
Immersive VT allowing user to scroll with finger throughout boat(s).

Image Gallery:
Full gallery with scrolling thumbnails that can be fully moderated through the CMS.

Comparison information about variations between years / models.

Boat builder:
Pricing module allows user to select from a wide set of variables to calculate pricing for specific models. An internal calculator will be included allowing for trade in value, deposit and terms of financing period.


If you have thirty minutes for a free demonstration of the Bolster Sales Support System, you will quickly see why the top three marine manufacturers in the world have selected Jester as the vendor of choice to meet their needs. Call today to schedule your demo by dialing 843-321-4039.